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February 2023 - Present

Skulls Mini Series

Exploration of paint and stylized illustration. Variations in colour pairing and attention to space.


18 Paintings in 5 sets, Acrylic paint + Paint Marker on Canvas

Screaming Heads

Exaggerated busts screaming, big emotions; stress, relief, joy, anger and resolve.

Spray paint, Acrylic + paint marker on canvas

Self Portrait

The most powerful stress relief in my experience is to sit, stand, or otherwise find yourself in a comfortable position and scream at the top of your lungs until the end of your breath. Repeat until the emotions feel fulfilled, you run out of energy, laugh yourself silly, or pass out. 

Acrylic + paint marker on canvas


Physical touch, embrace, restraint, vulnerability and confidence in the closeness or space between two.

Acrylic + paint marker on canvas

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